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We're Ready to Travel Again 


Latin America 2021| Europe 2022 | Asia 2022 |Australia & New Zealand 2022

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Our Experiential Learning MISSION

Travelig to Morocco

At Knowledge on the Run, our mission is to enrich the lives of students through travel and experiential education. Our youth development experience goes far beyond the classroom to expose our students to cultures that differ from our own. Through unique experiences abroad, we place students in a position to grow as individuals. Traveling challenges our students and encourages the development of leadership, communicative, and collaborative skills. Through an intense focus on daily writing, our abroad experiences provide invaluable self-reflection, which is key to personal growth. It is our passion to explore the world and learn as much as possible along the way. Travel serves us in many ways, but most of all it is a fun, enjoyable experience that we hope to share with as many students as possible. 

Puerto Rico Ruins during a Study Abroad trip
Nicaraguan house during our Cultural Exchange
Cathedral in Berlin during experiential learning tour
Waterfall in Iceland

Who We Are

Knowledge on the Run, founded by two best friends Morgan Bernard and Keaton Day, values travel and experiential learning above all else. At Knowledge on the Run, we believe that exposure to other cultures through travel fosters personal growth and leadership skills in a student’s most malleable years. We aim to provide students with unique travel opportunities to locations that they would not otherwise have experienced on their own.

School Partnerships

Knowledge on the Run partners with numerous schools in the Houston area and around Texas. Our school partnerships are designed to complement the academic process and experiential education work done in the classroom, with our global education experiential framework. We offer schools a variety of set itineraries with a multitude of travel destinations. Additionally, we work tirelessly with schools to build programs from scratch to turn their travel dreams into a reality.   

The Road to Berlin

The Road to Berlin is our flagship program that began our company. In this 7 city, 5 country adventure, students will shadow the US infantry during WWII, from the beaches of Normandy to the streets of Berlin. Along the way, they will learn the military history of each site, familiarize themselves with powerful personal narratives, and enjoy everything each city has to offer, including art, food, and architecture. 

Featured Itineraries

KOR Custom Travel specializes in creating unparalleled guided and unguided travel experiences. Whether you're looking to backpack your way through Europe, chase waves in central America, discover Southeast Asia or trek your way through the Andes, KOR Custom Travel will take your budget and create the perfect adventure to satisfy your deepest wanderlust.

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