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About Our School Programs

Knowledge on the Run partners with numerous schools in the Houston area and around Texas. Our school partnerships are designed to complement the academic and experiential education work done in the classroom, with our global education experiential framework. We offer schools a variety of set itineraries with a multitude of travel destinations. Additionally, we work tirelessly with schools to build programs from scratch to turn their travel dreams into a reality.   

Customizing Travel Programs to Fit School's Needs

We work hand in hand with the school's faculty to create a travel program that is unique in the destination, the design, and the lesson plan.  We include our school partners in the process of creating our Experiential Education developmental activities so that they best match the school's curriculum. ​

Preparing Our Students for Travel

Once the trip is finalized, we shift our attention to preparing our students for travel.  Knowledge on the Run will meet with faculty chaperones, students, and parents to ensure all parties are prepared to travel, are knowledgeable about our destination, and are prepared for our lesson plan. 

Our Favorite Way to Partner*

*We also offer 1-time programs, custom multi-year programs, and any type of experience-based program you believe would best assist your students.

At Knowledge on the Run, we value the opportunity to develop lifelong learners, who hold strong positive personal narratives that allow them to view the world through a growth mindset. It is our goal for our students to see a world full of opportunities to try, fail, succeed, and stay on a path of process-oriented progression towards achieving their goals. We are in the process of developing a leadership and personal development program that will span from 6th grade through a student’s senior year of high school. This program will directly apply research in the field of Positive Psychology developed by Dr. Shawn Achor to build strong positive personal narratives that will empower our students to take risks and to try new things. We will utilize the framework we are currently developing relevant to Global Education through immersive experience, which is based on the previously developed Kolb Cycle for Experiential Learning. Our students will be encouraged to self-reflect throughout the entirety of this developmental program.

Program Details

Take the Leap 

Learning Objectives: Developing a Growth Mindset

6th Grade

Weekend camping trip in-state. Begin to discuss ideas about risks, failure, growth mindsets. 

7th Grade

Week-long camping trip in-state. Participate in high ropes courses, and various group dynamic activities. Discuss at depth about growth mindsets, challenges faced by a middle schooler, and how to apply the growth mindset. 

8th Grade

Out of state national park adventure challenge. Hike in with all gear for a week-long camping trip, participate in various hiking, climbing, and group challenges. End the trip with a physical “Take the leap” cliff jumping. Taking the leap to high school and taking the leap in all of their goals. 

Emotional Intelligence

Learning Objectives: Building Strong Positive Personal Narratives /Learning Empathy, Tolerance, and Compassion for others

9th Grade


Students participate in one of the middle school programs and facilitate the trip. Learning about selflessness and compassion for younger students. Gives an opportunity for the 9th-grade students to be seen as a role model by the younger students, building confidence in their first year of high school.


10th Grade


Students will participate in one of our Community Service programs to practice emotional intelligence and learn about the similarities and differences between people from all throughout the world. Discussions will be focused on empathy, tolerance, and compassion. 

The Legacy You Build

Learning Objectives: 21st Century Skills / 4 Cs / Goal Setting / Process-oriented approaches


11th Grade


Skills development program. We will embark on an immersive international program focused on putting our students in disruptive situations that foster the development of the 4 Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking). We will also focus on developing a strong work ethic, leadership, and other 21st century skills. 

12th Grade


Skills development program 2. This program will be Legacy focused. Discussions will be based on the legacy they built through this program, their extracurricular activity legacies, as well as the legacy that they will attempt to build through college and a career. We will discuss goal setting, and how to have a process-oriented approach to achieving their goals. All while also maintaining discussions of the 4 Cs and other 21st century skills. 

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