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Financing and Fundraising

Panama Surf & Service Fundraiser*

*Already complete

Our primary service objective will be completing a renovation project in the area of Las Cañas. Specifically, we will be working on restoring, renovating, and beautifying the Comedor in the school. The comedor is where the lunch is prepared each day for the students and where the students eat.  It is in dire need of repair, and it will directly improve the daily lives of the students and staff at the school.

The second part of our service project will be focused on recreation and physical education for students in the Playa Venoa, Las Tablas, and Pedesi areas. For a portion of our trip, Knowledge on the Run students, along with the staff at Beach Break Surf Camp and Waved Foundation, will host an afternoon sports camp. This camp will include rugby lessons, soccer lesson, surf lessons, and martial arts classes. The Knowledge on the Run students will be in charge of planning and executing a portion of each of these activities. The children from Venao, Las Tablas, and Pedesi are not as privileged as their American counterparts, having the privilege to participate in something like this is a welcomed relief from their daily routines of school and sometimes, helping out around the house, and work.

To take on both of these projects effectively, we hope to raise $4000 to cover the cost of:

Mosquito Nets for windows

Mosquito Protection for the doors to the kitchen

4 tables

16 chairs

2 Ventilators

1 Stove

Paint and Painting Materials

Building tools and Materials

Sporting Equipment including rugby balls, soccer balls, cones, goals, and more.

We sincerely thank you for any donation you can spare. This area of Panama is near and dear to us and we hope to make a difference while working with the Waved Foundation.

Panama Student Aids for Fundraising

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Call Script
Fundraising Ideas

Learn how to raise money to pay for your Road to Berlin adventure!

At Knowledge on the Run, we recognize that travel is a privilege. We also understand, deeply, how impactful travel can be as a tool for personal growth. This understanding pushes us daily, to do everything we can to make KOR travel as accessible and affordable as possible. Below, we have outlined our extensive financing plans with the intent of adding affordability to our trips. In addition to several financing options, we have also detailed a variety of fundraising methods that have proved to be successful for Knowledge on the Run travelers in the past, an email/ call script to detail how to delicately ask family and friends for help, and a guide to using crowdfunding services and social media to raise funds.

Road to Berlin Costs and Financing Options

Total Cost: $4400.00


A $500 non-refundable deposit is required for participation in Road to Berlin

10 Month Financing

  • After the initial $500 deposit, $390 installments are to be made on the first of every month until the date of travel.


6 Month Financing

  • After the initial $500 deposit, $650 installments are to be made on the first of every month until the date of travel.


3 Month Financing

  • After the initial $500 deposit, $1300 installments are to be made on the first of every month until the date of travel.


*All payments are to be made via check, PayPal, or credit card. Credit card payments will be charged an additional 2.9% per transaction

Road to Berlin Student Fundraising Aids

Email Script
Call Script
Fundraising Ideas
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