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Teachers Travel

Are you a teacher with wanderlust. Your traveling days could just be beginning. At Knowledge on the Run, we love the opportunity to help teachers take the learning out of the classroom, into a variety of exotic cultures. We create custom itineraries that can fit any budget, and help you provide experiences that will last a lifetime for your classroom. The Knowledge on the Run trip planning process is extremely collaborative, and involves a back and forth exchange with your program director until the perfect itinerary at the perfect price is planned for you and your students. Our programs are heavily focused on the development of valuable 21st-century skills. We develop our itineraries under one of three main developmental objectives:

Social & Emotional Intelligence, 21st Century Educational Skills, and Personal Narrative Development. 

Check out the document below to see some sample itineraries we've run in the past, as well as a detailed outline of our Trip Planning Process.

All teachers that develop programs with Knowledge on the Run get to travel for free with their students.* Contact us below to set up your class' adventure today!

Not a bad view from the Arc de Triomphe

We cant wait to travel with you

* - Minimum trip size requirements apply

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