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Thank you for making this mission memorable for Austin and his classmates. He will always cherish the time spent in making a difference in helping out at the school, interacting with the children & making new friendships. Most important, he got to celebrate his 18th birthday with a fun group of guys. By the way, he couldn't stop talking about the delicious cake y'all got him. Thank you!

-Gayle & Dennis B

I went on the Surf and Service Panama trip with founders Morgan and Keaton, my experience was all around amazing in all aspects. One of the best vacations I have ever taken. To say I appreciate them and the opportunity they gave me would be an understatement. Thanks Morgan and thanks Keaton for pushing me out of my comfort zone and opening my horizons with your Surf and Service Panama trip.

-Jared R.

Knowledge on the run has given me an experience that I will always remember. They allowed me to work with kids who I would have never been able to meet and to see how people other than myself live. They also provided me with the ability to see the difference I could make by giving just a little bit of my time. They also challenged me to expand my own communication skills by working with kids whom I had a language barrier with. Along with all of this, they also made it fun so that even while we were working we were still having a good time. Morgan and Keaton were able to make sure we were getting everything done while at the same time joke around. If I had a chance to do it again I totally would.

-Austin B.

Morgan Bernard is a SUPERSTAR! I hired him as a chaperone on my trip to Costa Rica this summer. I had high expectations for him as I knew him as a high school student and was always impressed. He exceeded every expectation!
Morgan fit right into the trip. He was knowledgeable, personable, hard-working, and 100% reliable! Morgan added so much value to the trip by mentoring students, helping them reflect on the hard, valuable work that they were doing, and he did it all with a positive attitude! I would send my own children with him on a Knowledge on the Run trip in a heartbeat. You can't go wrong if Morgan is involved.

-Maci Bahr Head of St. John's School Community Service 

(My son) had such an amazing experience in Panama... old friends, new friends, surfing, service, the cute kids at the sports camp, the beauty of the place... he loved it ALL!!

Thank you to you both for all of your hard work organizing everything and for keeping our boys safe.

-Nada H.

Knowledge on the run is a great program run by two great guys. I went on their European excursion to follow in the footsteps of the 101st airborne division in world war 2. I highly recommend this trip to all and this program in general. I went to England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and, CZ (Czech Republic). I had so much fun and I will never forget it. Thanks, Morgan and Keaton for bringing me along for the journey. I miss you guys


-Walter S.



Callan had an adventure of a lifetime, he loved everything about the trip. From London to Berlin he had a great time, he is still telling us stories about his experience. Knowledge on the Run provided an educational trip that he will remember forever.


-Cristin H.

I had an awesome time in Nicaragua; everything went smoothly as planned. We got picked up and driven to our hotel in Managua for the night then headed across country to Aposentillo the next morning. Our hotel was amazing with a pool, hammocks, and coconut trees right on the beach. Three gourmet meals a day along with the best surfing and fishing anyone could ask for. Truly an unforgettable experience at a great price!


-Robby S.

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