A few money saving tips to spending while abroad

When it is almost that time, you’ve bought the plane tickets, you know which cities you want to see, and you’ve decided what you’re going to pack, but what about how you’re going to spend money? When traveling abroad, many debit and credit cards will charge an international transaction fee. These fees can be pesky and, in some cases, add hundreds of dollars to your time abroad. In this post, we are going to discuss various credit cards that don’t charge these fees, as well as, a few tips on how to prepare financially for your time abroad. Which Credit cards don’t charge international transaction fees? Most airline cards will accomplish this goal of not being charged international transaction

Personal Narratives and the value of skills based messaging

A few years back, I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to work on the leadership team at a summer camp outside of Marble Falls, Texas. A man by the name of Shawn Achor came and spoke at one of our orientation trainings and he radically changed the way that I had always viewed development. Shawn Achor is a PhD psychologist from Harvard, coming out with research that is helping to shape the field of positive psychology. We spent quite a while discussing the idea of a personal narrative and the impacts that our personal narrative has in our daily lives. So, what is a personal narrative? In short, it is the story that our subconscious brain tells ourselves about who we are. Our personal

How to Know if Your Service Abroad is Making a Difference

Today, service and mission trips seem to be a bit saturated. Every school, educational travel service, and religious organization offers some type of community service either domestic or abroad. But how do you know that your volunteer opportunity is truly making an impact in terms of aid to the community you’re supposedly serving? Often times, service trips are self-serving. Either those participating in the volunteer work are not committed, the organization is wasting time and resources on an issue that might not be fixed with outside aid, or the motive for the trip from the organization or/and its participants is self-serving in nature. The fact of the matter is that volunteer tourism is a

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