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The Difference We Hope To Make

“Can you educate through travel? Will anyone be interested in learning the lessons we teach? How exactly does travel fit into the educational experience?” These are all questions that we had to ask ourselves when we started Knowledge on the Run. There’s no denying that people love to travel and there will always be a market out there for travel companies, but we didn’t set out to be another run of the mill travel company. Sure, we would love to travel with as many people as possible and show them all of the corners of the globe that we love. But travel, to us, is much deeper than tourism.

Every country we have been to, we’ve learned something new. Not only about that country and their culture, but about ourselves. Whether it’s pushing your comfort zone surfing in a new spot or learning that you can use body language and tone to communicate across language barriers, travel has taught us so much. Most of all, travel has shown that the world is not so big and scary, and for the most part, people are kind and genuine wherever you go.

So, how can we get our students to reap the same benefits from travel that we have? By positively encouraging our students to leave their comfort zones at home, teaching our students to reflect on good experiences through journaling, and having our students learn to lead by doing just that. So we set out to create a framework that allows our students to take on leadership roles, collaborate with their peers, communicate across language barriers, and appreciate what’s around them.

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