The Travel Apps You Should be Using

It’s 2018 if you’re not using apps to make your travels easier then you’re doing something wrong. Today, finding cheap plane tickets, last minute hotel rooms, and tours is a breeze thanks to all the different apps out there. Below, you’ll find a few of the apps we use, love, and trust to make our lives on the road run smoothly. Flights: Hopper, Jet Radar, Sky Scanner Tracking your flights has never been easier. Everyone knows the tricks: buy tickets six weeks out, purchase on Tuesdays, and of course never buy last minute. But with these Apps, the work is done for you. Simply enter your desired destination and travel dates into the app and it will show you current prices, along with predictio

Growth Mindsets - Learning through failure

During my time as an MBA student at the University of Colorado, I was lucky enough to read a book written by Eric Ries titled “The Lean Startup”. This book introduced a radically new way to look at failure. Eric discusses often times how lean businesses should race towards failure, how failure can be used as a point of measurement, used to pivot or iterate your business towards a more successful future outcome. Eric suggests that you should fail fast and fail often, ensuring that you learn from all of these failures, adapt, and pivot to attempt a new route to success. He discusses this concept in his elegantly posed cycle of a, Build -> Measure -> Learn ->, Feedback loop. The idea is that yo

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