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5 Essentials to Bring on Any Backpacking Trip

Backpacking Luggage

It’s that time, you’re a week away from jumping on a plane and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. However, there is just one thing still standing in the way. Packing! Packing is something that always seems to loom over every traveler, driving them crazy until the day that you finally jump on the plane and go. If you’re like me, packing is an absolute horror. I have always been an avid procrastinator when it comes to packing for my travels, waiting until the morning that I fly out, to scramble together a pile of clothes and toiletries in a bag. We at KOR want to do everything we can to save you from the nightmare that is packing. We’ve put together a list of five must pack items to streamline your trip prep. Dive in and enjoy! 1.) A wall plug that has the European prongs –

Things to pack when traveling

If you bring devices with you, it is always important that you have a high quality universal wall plug that will work in your destination country. There’s nothing worse than having your phone die, and then have to find a shop that sells them at an extremely inflated value. 2.) Currency of the country you are traveling to –

Things to pack when traveling

Many banks at home will offer really great currency exchange deals and can save you hundreds of dollars in exchange fees and bad market rates. Go to your bank and ask what type of currency they’re willing to sell you, and if they’ll give the market rate with no additional fees do it! It’s always best to have some spending money before hand and not have to worry about finding an ATM right when you start exploring your new city. 3.) A Travel Journal –

Travel Journal

You aren’t going to go to Paris, visit Shakespeare & Co. and become Ernest Hemingway. However, a travel journal is a great way to jot down a few things every day about the cities you are visiting. It can give you a memento to check back on as well during the year when you are bored back at school, or your job.

4.) A camera –

Always bring your camera when traveling

It’s always a shame to go to a beautiful European city, and see tourists sitting on their phones, still aimlessly panning away at their latest social media posts. Sometimes it’s nice to get back to reading maps the old-fashioned way and leaving the phone at the hostel or hotel. However, you still want the ability to take great photos. This is where a nice camera comes into play. I’ve got a decent DSLR that takes really remarkable photos, and it didn’t even break the bank. Do some research, and find something that will fit your needs, but a camera will go a long way to keeping you up and focused on your surroundings in these beautiful European cities. 5.) The right footwear – The last time I was in Europe, we were walking close to 10 miles per day. Public transportation, partnered with a lot of effort from your own two feet are the standard in getting around, and you will wish that you had planned better when the only shoes you brought aren’t the most comfortable. Make sure that you have shoes that you can wear for this long period of time, and cover these huge distances in. It is also good to remember to pack extra socks, and some high-quality pairs at that. You may rub some holes in some of your older pairs of socks and walking around European cities is not the time that you want to get a blister. All in all, packing for this trip should be fun. You might forget a few things, and you might end up bringing way too much, but if you prepare early, and think about the things that will add the most value to your travels, you will end up prepared for the time of your life.


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